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North Beach Art and Charity

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What We Do

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Exhibiton Forum



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Artists Forum

North Beach Art and Charity hosts events and uses it's platform to gain exposure for creatives from artists, performers, fashion designers and more.

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Raising Awareness

North Beach Art and Charity raises awareness for the creatives to the community for cultural enlightenment and mutual support.

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Building A Community

North Beach Art and Charity's goal is to bring the community together with the artists to educate and enhance. 

How Does It Work?

North Beach Art Gallery actively promotes a variety of community causes with exhibits and entertainments. Over the years we have helped many organizations through events raising funds through door donations  and silent auctions supporting each worthy cause. The time has come to form our own organization to mobilize and support the arts while enlightening the community.

2020 has been exceptionally challenging due to the pandemic. It is very important for our community to support our artist and creatives during this socially distant and financially challenging time. North Beach Art and Charity has blossomed from the need. We have taken the time to support our local business community creating a new logo, social media presence and website. We have hosted virtual fashion shows for a local yet international designer. We have done live casts to support our musician. We have created slide shows to “Brighten Your Day” which picked up and aired on CBS4 Miami.

Now is the time to show your support! We cannot do it alone. We need financial donations and volunteers to make this most beneficial. Please get involved for enlightenment, friendship and making our community a better place.

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